Monday, March 12, 2012

Discernment (Judges 7:1-25)

Hey all,

Back when I was in my youth group I remember one of the qualities that Jann, my youth pastor’s wife, told me to pray for daily... “discernment.” This is a tricky one. If you you pray for discernment and God gives it to you, then you may not always like the options presented… For instance, when Gideon was going to war, he was such a good leader that he attracted a ton of dudes who were willing to fight along side him. The problem was that this was not necessarily in God’s plan. For God to get the glory of triumph, the army was going to have to shrink (7:2). How would you like to be that kind of leader… awesome!

God wants quality in our lives, not quantity (7:6). You have the choice to do a ton of good stuff set before you, but sometimes doing the good stuff gets in the way of the great things God has in store. My question for you is: What good things in your life do you need to examine to possibly make way for the great things that God has for you? I know, that is a tough one. I constantly struggle with that. I always want to do more ministry, more fun stuff, more family time, more friends time, and yes… even more homework – sometimes. ☺

Discernment in all that you do will give you the opportunity follow God’s leading, and prepare you for victory in your endeavors (7:15). As the old knight at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade said, “Your must choose, but choose wisely…” Have a great week.

Praying for you,


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