Thursday, August 29, 2013

Succinct (John 11:17-37)

Good morning all,

I was talking to a fellow pastor this morning and we were laughing about how so many pastors do not know how to shut up. It's like you give a preacher a microphone and he or she takes that as an invitation to talk for hours. Some of the most important things in life are very short and simple. In fact, one of the most intense moments of Jesus ministry inspired the shortest verse in the Bible.

“Jesus wept.”
Jn 11:35

If you read the verses following this one, you can pretty much see that the people around Jesus could tell how much he loved Lazarus just by his actions. He did not have to say anything. Even though he knew that he could change the situation, Jesus still showed his powerful emotions. My question is: with what kind of intensity do you live your life for God? My prayer is that you take the emotional track, like Jesus. Not that you need to be overbearing in the way that you express yourself, but you must ask Jesus to turn your heart to care about things that he sees fit and important. Only then can we enter into the emotions of others, as a witness for God.

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