Thursday, February 14, 2013

Desire (Jeremiah 29:10-14)

Good morning all,

The word of the day is “desire.”  On this most special time of Valentine’s Day I am reminded of Jeremiah and his relationship with the Lord. He understood God's love and what it meant for God to encompass his life and all of his endeavors. In a world that was uncertain, just like today, Jeremiah was set apart to serve God. God gave a promise to this young man and a nation, one that would be remembered for many generations to come.

When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek me with all your heart, 14 I will let you find me, says the Lord, and I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all the nations and all the places where I have driven you, says the Lord, and I will bring you back to the place from which I sent you into exile.
~Jer 29:13-14

My question is: do you search for God as stated in this passage? God promises that we look for him we will find him. Out of all of the emotions that we can experience in life, love is the greatest. God promises to continually restore you, no matter where you have been or what you have gone through. My prayer is that you seek God with all of your heart and let him encompass you with his love.

Praying for you,


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