Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Factitious (1 John 5:13-20)

Good morning all,

The word of the day is “factitious.”  The Evil One would like us to think certain lies.  We live in this life fighting a constant spiritual battle. Now, I am not saying that God speaks to me in an audible voice… but I do have a friend that says that God indeed does that with him. Do I believe it? Well, I know that this dude is a pretty stand-up guy. And just because I cannot see something I am not going to say that is does not happen. It does freak me out a bit though :)  The point is, we need to remember that there are evil forces out there...

“We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.”
~1 Jn 5:19

Not what you might want to hear.  But let me be clear.  This verse should be very encouraging. My question is: do you live in the expectation that you are not of this world, but waiting to go to your true home with God? I know that the Lord would like you to put your trust in him, knowing that the factitious lies of the Evil One have no power over you.  My prayer is that each of you remembers that you are of God.  Give Him the power in your life today, lay down whatever you think is controlling you, and turn to him.  Our God is mighty to save.

Praying for you,


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