Thursday, November 27, 2014

Degust (Psalm 119:100-110)

Good morning all,

The word of the day is “degust.”  One of my favorite verses in the Bible comes from the longest Psalm.  I remember when I had first started attending church on a regular basis, my high school youth group leader used to give me random facts.  One of these had to deal with what would come to be one of my favorite Psalms and verses with the Bible.

How sweet your words taste to me; they are sweeter than honey.” ~Ps. 119:103

My question is: do you yearn for the sweetness of God’s word?  Today is Thanksgiving, and each of us will probably eat more than our fill.  If you’re like me, you have your favorites.  Maybe it’s cranberry sauce, or yams, or your grandmother’s savory turkey recipe that is hidden to all except for those in the special inside loop.  Whatever it is, as you feast today, remember that God’s word is supposed to be the same.  As the psalmist writes, we are supposed to degust each and every succulent piece of Scripture that enters our soul.  My prayer is that you take some time today to be thankful for God’s presence in your life.

Praying for you,


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