Monday, November 17, 2014

Pell-mell (Matthew 26:47-56)

Good morning all,

The word of the day is “pell-mell.”  Could you imagine being sold out by one of your closest friends?  This was the place that Jesus was in.  It must’ve been a little bit lonely and frustrating.  In today’s passage we see that when Jesus is arrested all those who are close to him pretty much deserted and left him to fend for himself.  After so many years of ministry, building relationships, making a difference… Jesus was now alone.

55 At that time Jesus said to the crowd, “Am I leading a rebellion that you have come out with swords and clubs to capture me? Every day I sat in the temple courts teaching, and you did not arrest me. 56 But this has all taken place that the writings of the prophets might be fulfilled.” Then all the disciples deserted him and fled.” ~Matt. 26:55-56

My question is: have you made the decision to follow Jesus, even when times get bad?  If his own disciples left him when the going got tough, how much more should we be concerned about doing the same thing?  Even though God is always in control of situations, we see that sometimes even those closest to Jesus were unable to understand the chosen path that needed to be fulfilled.  What was at one point a strong coalition of disciples and followers was now a pell-mell mass of jumbled and confused individuals.  My prayer morning is that each of you make a decision to remain loyal to the Savior, no matter what the circumstances.  We need to stick together as the family of God.  Allow Jesus to solidify your faith a little bit more today.

Praying for you,


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