Friday, January 6, 2012

Daily (Matthew 6:11)

Good morning all,
The word of the day is “daily.”  I think that one of the most known passages in the Bible is the Lord’s Prayer.  And right in the middle of it is a phrase that God figured that we needed to hear.  Why do you think that JC had in mind when he gave this prayer to the disciples?  For one, JC knew the immediate needs that the peeps following him needed.  He was very in tune with his audience and those he loved, and did ministry.  I mean, there is so much rich stuff in this little passage and we often overlook what we may learn from it…

“Give us today our daily bread…”
~Matt. 6:11

My question is: are you allowing God to fulfill your immediate needs?  Some of us even forget what those needs are. In fact, we want to focus our time and effort on stuff that we think is important, when in reality we should be thinking about totally different stuff.  My prayer is that you would search your heart and let God speak to you.  He will give you what you need for the day, both physically and spiritually.  When we look to him we are showing our trust in his plans for us.  Give God a little room to work, and he will.

Praying for you,


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